WBLC Programs are inherently accessible to a diverse range of people.  

WBLC’s approach is, by its very nature, inclusive and equitable and therefore fully encouraging of equity, diversity and inclusion.  Our WBLC Assessment Process is based on an objective, competencies-based logic that reduces bias in the selection process.  The tests and other elements of our WBLC Assessment Process have been developed and validated by an industrial psychologist following a rigorous and disciplined process. They reliably and accurately measure workers’ and job applicants’ competencies and predict their behaviour and performance on the job, regardless of ethnic background, gender, economic, or other social differences. 

WBLC’s experience with over 550 Youth who were hired by over 50 companies through OMLC programs is that most companies readily understand and accept competencies principles and are fully open to hiring trainees for entry- to mid-level skilled jobs on basis of our WBLC Assessment Process.  Analysis of our 550 Certified trainees reveals that approximately 15 % did not have a high school diploma, affirming that educational background is not a barrier to entry for skilled job training via WBL programs. 

Approximately 15% of successful trainees were women.  While not a high proportion, this is a notable change in enabling women to access skilled jobs that have historically been almost 100% occupied by men, again demonstrating that WBL programs intrinsically support equity, diversity and inclusion. We provide employers with a competencies-based statement of their job requirements, by their definition, and we present them with an objective assessment of an individual’s essential employability competencies, so they can readily see that there is a good ‘fit’ between the individual and the job, regardless of their educational background, work experience, ethnic background, gender, economic, or other social situations. 

Finally, WBLC’s new innovation – Bridging Employability Competency Gaps – will enable unskilled people who have job-critical gaps in their non-technical employability competencies to bridge these gaps – quickly and easily – to become eligible for WBL training programs OR to be able to present their ‘Job Passport’ to other employers, certifying their essential employability competencies.  This will allow more unskilled people to be included in WBL programs and will enhance their access to a wider range of jobs.

And that is exactly what this program did for me. Prior to my current employment at Top Grade Molds, I had no experience at all with CNC machining. But after reading through a job ad, I found out that there is still an opportunity to get in the field without prior college education.

After obtaining an electronics diploma and working 6 years in the printing industry, I soon realized there was a problem. Not only was I not happy with my job, but I was also no longer interested in pursuing a career in electronics. And this is a problem many young people face while working jobs that don’t really seem to go where you would like.  

I can say with confidence that this program truly changed my life and gave me the motivation to pursue an abandoned dream when I thought these opportunities didn’t even exist.

Sanjiv Uthayakumar
remarks made at the OMLC CNC Machinist program graduation on January 23, 2019.
Certified OMLC CNC Machinist [Level 1]
Employed by Top Grade Mold, Toronto, ON

I wanted to give feedback about the program.  The experience has been great so far. The in-class training held by [our Instructor] at the training center has been extremely helpful. Moreover, [our Instructor] has been a great mentor and is a very meticulous and detail-oriented guy.

I think the program is very valuable to the manufacturing industry for it gives the students insight into the tools, materials and processes. I am sure if the company intends to grow and hire more young people, this training program is the best fit. For me and my family, this has been the first stepping stone to entering the aerospace industry in Canada and am looking forward to do well in the future. 

Last but not the least, thank you [to the OMLC Monitor/Coach] for your support! Thank you and regards.

Vivek Solanki
comments made via email on July 1, 2019
Certified OMLC Structural Airframe Assembler [Level 2]
Employed by MHI Canada Aerospace, Mississauga, ON