Technical Training Effectiveness Workshop

Wish Your Most Experienced Employees Could Train New Employees Faster?

Enable your Experienced Skilled workers to train your junior employees – faster & better! The WBLC Technical Training Effectiveness Workshop equips your experienced skilled workers – the ones you assign to provide job instruction to junior employees – to be more effective in their training efforts. Drives solid business results: your junior employees will become proficient more quickly and your experienced skilled workers spend less time training.


The Workshop improves the capability of experienced skilled workers to deliver effective technical training and coaching to junior employees or less experienced skilled workers who are up-skilling


The Workshop provides attendees with an easy-to-use framework for performing their training work. Previous attendees have repeatedly shared with us that the framework gives them confidence in working with their trainees.


The content is 100% relevant to your technical trainers – how to provide effective job instruction direction to their trainees and relevant coaching on critical interpersonal competencies required in delivering technical training.


The Workshop immediately increases their confidence to train others.  We focus on the two most important aspects of a technical trainer’s role – a proven method of job instruction training and the skills required by your technical trainer to support their trainees as they master their job tasks.


An excellent technical trainer may not appear on your balance sheet but we recognize that trainer is a key asset to your organization. The Job Instruction training process taught in our Workshop enables your Technical Trainer to elevate a trainee to become a productive employee. Make your technical trainer a more valuable asset, with long lasting benefits to your organization

We recognize how busy your Trainers are. The training is divided into two workshops, 90 minutes each, delivered online on separate days via GoToMeeting. This design increases knowledge retention of attendees and allows your staff to continue to perform direct work activities on each day.

Technical Training Effectiveness Workshop Modules

How Adults Learn

Participants will understand how adults learn and the best approaches to quickly and efficiently train them.

Job Instruction Skills

Participants will learn how to consistently use a 5 step instruction process including: preparation, presentation, application, assessment, repetition & observation.

Communication Skills

Participants will learn important approaches to communications, micro-conversations, and building trust.

Set Up For Success

Participants will learn a six step plan for helping their employees succeed.

Diversity / Biases

Participants will learn about their own unconscious biases and ways to overcome them to work with all employees.

Feedback / Feedforward

Participants will learn proven techniques to improve the quality of their feedback to employees.

Full Payback of Your Fees in 5 Weeks Through Less Trainer Time & Faster Employee Learning


get 10% of their time back for production work.


spend 5% less time being trained – giving them more time for production work.

Expert Trainers


Our Trainers have more than 15 years of experience in training and coaching. Participants consistently rate their style and facilitation abilities 10 out of 10.


Skilled at developing learning programs, our Trainers combine evidence-based content with engaging learning methods. Trainees quickly experience the value of the content through exercises that allow them to apply the material and receive coaching during the workshop.


Our Trainers have worked in and with companies in a wide range of sectors – machining, mold, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, construction and industrial services. Their extensive experience has informed the program content and delivery, allowing them to share their knowledge of these sectors with attendees.


Our Trainers have a deep understanding of how adults learn, and conveying this understanding and approach to your trainers will improve their learning outcomes for all technical training.

Free To All Participants

All Participants will receive a WBLC Quick Reference Guide app providing them direct access to key learning points in the program. This is a handy reference tool that your Technical Trainers can use as required on the shop floor. 

What Participants Are Saying

I have been a technical trainee for a while. I was skeptical about the program. However, after attending it, I would recommend it to any technical trainer. Spot on. Packed with useful techniques, excellent facilitators.

Program Participant, Toronto

I was delighted to be chosen to take this program. Finally, my company is providing recognition of my role and its importance. Practical content, immediately useful to me. The format was great – two sessions. Not a full day out of the plant. I recommend the program to any trainer in manufacturing

Program Participant, Guelph

Just great – aimed right at my issues as a technical trainer. The exercises are well really good and having the opportunity to talk to others was very helpful. Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this program?

Program Participant, Kitchener

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Full Payback of Your Fees in 5 Weeks Through Less Trainer Time & Faster Employee Learning


Workshops scheduled every month for your Technical Trainers.

Interested in a company specific workshop for a minimum of five Participants? We can make that happen.

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