Are You A Manufacturing Company In Halton Region?

Are you challenged finding staff? Does this affect your company’s productivity? Working with the Ontario Government and Spero Careers Canada, we’re exploring interest from Advanced Manufacturing companies to hire from the Autism talent pool.

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Opening Discussion

A brief interview to discuss your employment goals and autism awareness. These discussions will inform the creation of the information sessions so your feedback is very important.

Information Sessions

Do you have questions about autism? Have we got answers for you! This is an opportunity to learn about the autism talent pool, the value they can provide to your organization and what supports are in place to create success for everyone involved.

Roundtables / Debrief Sessions

Your opinion and experience is the most important thing about this project. We think the autism community might be a good fit for roles in advanced manufacturing. But we need to learn what you think so we can help you and hopefully hundreds more autistic Canadians end up in good jobs.

Networking Event

The culmination of this program is job fair where participants and employers get to meet. The goal of this networking event is more of a face to face informational interview and to increase understanding of future opportunities.

This program spans 8 months and involves about 5 hours of your time.

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Did You Know?

  • There are 1,029 businesses in the manufacturing sector in Halton Region
  • There are 36,690 jobs in the manufacturing sector in Halton Region
  • 1,564 businesses opened across Halton between 2018 – 2019 demonstrating a strong attraction for doing business in the Region
  • There is a 2.9% increase in businesses across Halton from 2015 – 2019
  • 15.2% of Halton’s job force is employed in manufacturing

Autism in Halton Region

It is estimated that there are over 6,000 individuals with autism in Halton Region. Currently, there is almost zero involvement between the autistic community and advanced manufacturing for the purposes of selection and training.

Our primary focus is to  use a well planned, thought process consisting of proven concepts from WBLC’s screening and selection process married to Spero Careers expertise in working with the autistic community to bring together these two groups as a direct result of this Workplace Development program.

We're Also Looking For Autism & Advanced Manufacturing Participants

Want to learn about the program? Have you ever considered a career in advanced manufacturing? We’re also hosting information sessions for those interested. Learn more at Spero Careers Canada.

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Funding provided by the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Labour Market Partnerships Program.