WBLC is the preeminent organization supporting business and industry firms in meeting their needs for skilled employees by promoting, developing and managing Work-Based Learning programs for entry- to mid-level skilled jobs that enable unskilled people to get hired, acquire industry-valued skills, achieve industry-recognized certification and pursue rewarding career pathways.

Many Canadian companies in a wide range of business and industrial sectors continue to find it difficult to hire as many capable entry- to mid-level skilled people as they need.  WBLC has a tested and proven successful track record with established methods and systems and is ready to scale up delivery of existing Work-Based Learning programs and add new ones to help hundreds of Canadian companies – mostly SMEs – in every province to select, hire/nominate, train and certify unemployed/underemployed people as employees in entry- to mid-level skilled jobs – thousands of them – quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

WBLC has deep expertise and extensive experience in successfully applying competencies-based, outcomes-driven principles in practical, fast and cost-effective ways to assist and enable business and industry employers and their employees in four areas that are distinctly underserved and/or ineffectively served in Canada currently, all focused on employment and employees:

Getting more people working and started/redirected onto good career paths when they lack skills and experience – ensuring that more unskilled, unemployed people* are able to acquire the technical skills companies want. * including youth, immigrants, Indigenous, disadvantaged people

Transitioning people to another job when they have skills, abilities, educational achievement and experience – matching skilled/experienced people** who want/need to change jobs with the job vacancies that truly fit them based on competencies, NOT job descriptions and resumés. ** including immigrants and people moving between sectors

Maximizing the contribution current employees make to their organization’s productivity and their own careers – enabling and empowering more employees to be:

  • highly proficient and high performing at the jobs they are currently doing,
  • able to adapt with agility to changing job requirements as new technologies are introduced and work practices change, and
  • ready for progression on their career path

Getting recently hired employees to be more effective, more quickly in the workplace – improving the effectiveness of new employees (especially recent grads in their first job) based on the critical ‘business’ and ‘relational’ competencies that are objectively relevant to success on the job for which the employee has been hired and is learning.