WBLC’s proven current methods and WBL programs are highly innovative – no one else in Canada has done or is doing what WBLC is doing in an integrated, systematic way. Competencies principles are the foundation for employee learning interventions in Europe and the UK. WBLC is the ONLY organization that is successfully applying ‘competencies-based, outcomes-driven’ principles in industry-led employee learning programs in Canada. All current and future WBL programs include the following innovations:
  • Unskilled people get industry-valued skills – using a competency-based approach to train non-qualified job candidates in the technical aspects of jobs, to industry-valued standards
  • Earn while you learn – trainees are hired by a company as a full-time permanent employee at an attractive wage rate starting Day 1 and continuing for their entire WBL program
  • Demand-driven – we start with an employer with a job vacancy and a commitment to hire and train people via a WBL program for the skilled job, so eligible job seekers are much more likely to be hired
  • Competencies-based job standards – industry firms collectively define the job requirements, on a competencies basis – a clear, industry-valued job standard
  • Technical competencies and non-technical competencies recognized – our process is unique due to our strategic framework of separating the essential non-technical employability competencies from the technical competencies for the skilled job; we use the non-technical competencies as the basis for the WBLC Assessment Process and selection of trainees and then provide structured, managed competency-based training to enable trainees to acquire the technical competencies.
  • WBLC Assessment Process – we apply our objective, reliable assessment process to identify people who have the necessary aptitudes and attitudes (essential non-technical employability competencies) to be successful in the job.
    Learn more about the WBLC Candidate Assessment Report – for WBLC Candidates seeking employment as a Trainee with companies who are participating in a WBLC program.
    Learn more about the WBLC Competency Record – for job seekers looking for employment in an entry- to mid-level skilled job or training position with companies who are NOT participating in a WBLC program
  • Classroom learning curriculum – we don’t use a generic curriculum but focus exclusively on the competency-based Technical Learning Outcomes per the industry-defined job standard.
  • On-the-job experiential learning – no other programs in Canada assist and support companies in delivering on-the-job learning by their employees that is outcomes-driven, structured and managed through the use of objective, third party Monitoring and Coaching for both the employer and the trainee to ensure the trainee is successful, and through a web-based learning management application to guide and monitor the learning experience – and to hasten it.  Note: we estimate that WBL programs (which take 4 to 6 months, approximately, depending on the complexity of the job) reduce training time by 50% vs. unstructured, informal training
  • Certification – no other industry-based learning programs in Canada include an independent, valid and reliable ‘outcomes-driven’ certification process. Trainees are assessed during the program against the Technical Learning Outcomes for their skilled job by both their employer and the WBLC Assessor (Monitor/Coach). In the last section of the training program, the Trainees complete the final certification elements.
The diagram below shows the WBL program delivery process for the WBLC programs that focused on the advanced manufacturing sector and targeted Youth (18-29) exclusively. WBLC will follow this process, adapting and enhancing it for future WBL programs.