CNC Machinist [Level 1 ]
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Mold Maintenance Technician
Hiring In The Future

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Microlearning Modules
CNC Operator
Hiring In The Future

WBLC Programs For Custom Delivery

WBLC has built several Work-Based Learning (WBL) programs that are ready and available for delivery with Canadian advanced manufacturing companies seeking to fill their vacancies in these entry- to mid-level skilled positions.  Companies interested in getting further information about the available WBL programs should contact Rod Jones at 419-366-2648 or

CNC Setup
CNC Operator [Low Volume]
CNC Programmer
CNC Machinist / Programmer

CMM Operator
Mechanical Assembler
Electrical / Electronic Assembler

Structural Airframe Assembler
Aerospace Sealer [Level 1]
Aerospace Sealer [Level 2]