Work Based Learning Pilots & Programs

CNC Machinist
Rapid Upskilling Program

Technical Trainer
Effectiveness Program

Autism & Advanced Manufacturing
Pilot Program

CNC Machinist
Hiring In The Future

CNC Operator
Hiring In The Future

Mold Maintenance Technician
Hiring In The Future

CNC Quicklearn Modules Available

WBLC Programs For Custom Delivery

WBLC has built several Work-Based Learning (WBL) programs that are ready and available for delivery with Canadian advanced manufacturing companies seeking to fill their vacancies in these entry- to mid-level skilled positions.  Companies interested in getting further information about the available WBL programs should contact Rod Jones at 419-366-2648 or rod.jones@workbasedlearning.ca

CNC Setup
CNC Operator [Low Volume]
CNC Programmer
CNC Machinist / Programmer

CMM Operator
Mechanical Assembler
Electrical / Electronic Assembler

Structural Airframe Assembler
Aerospace Sealer [Level 1]
Aerospace Sealer [Level 2]