Graphics Installation Technician Program

Skills shortages? Team up with WBLC to upskill your current employees in 3 months.

Quick  |  Reliable  |  High ROI

Do you need capable Graphic Installation Technicians to grow your business? Can’t find experienced people to hire or can’t wait for on-the-job training to happen? Here’s a solution that works: a proven training program to hire, upskill, certify staff.


Your current employees can be more proficient on the job:

  • formalized, enhanced Graphic Installation knowledge and skills
  • fully certified to the industry-defined job standard for
    Graphic Installation Technicians

Your Trainers can be more effective and spend less time with Trainees:

  • a proven 4-step process for teaching technical skills
  • practical guidance on interpersonal skills with diverse trainees

Your company can get a fast ROI on your investment:

  • Payback in less than 4 months. 

You can be confident of success – WBLC’s Work-Based Learning Programs are proven in practice:

  • Certification Program is managed by WBLC and the Sign Association of Canada
  • Over 70 companies across the country have partnered with WBLC on various work basaed learning programs.
  • over 600 employees quickly learned skilled jobs
  • over 90% success rate

What’s Included In The Program

The WBLC Graphic Installation Technician Program drives business results with elearning and on-the-job training that immediately improves your employee’s production performance.


E-learning includes a comprehensive curriculum based on industry defined technical learning outcomes. The modules include text, graphics, photos, animation, video, and quizzes that ensure the participant’s maximum attention and interest.


Tests, Shop Floor Assignments, Exams, and Experienced Observation measure the performance and success of Trainees


Weekly Virtual Classroom sessions support self paced e-learning by engaging Trainees in meaningful discussions and help answer all questions.


Monthly Mentor Coach sessions to support the Trainees in achieving proficiency.


A Train The Trainer Workshop For Technical Trainers supports your Trainers to guide the Trainees.

Graphic Installation Technician elearning Modules

Intro To CNC Machining

Intro To Graphic Installation

  • Intro To Graphic Installation
  • Terminology
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining

Work Documents

  • Work Orders
  • Graphic Layout Pages
  • Pre-Installation Checklists
  • Installation Check lists
  • Post Installation Checklists
  • Product Bulletins
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining


  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions
  • Statistics
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining

Programs and Machines

  • Programs Used To Create Graphics
  • Machines Used To Produce Graphics
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining

Materials, Adhesives, & Installation Surfaces

  • Vinyl Sign Installation Layers
  • Materials Used In Graphic Installation
  • Adhesives Used In Graphic Installation
  • Substrates & Installation Surfaces
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining

Measurement & Installation Tools

  • General Tools & Cleaning Supplies
  • Measuring and Masking Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Adhering & Removal Tools
  • Finishing Tools
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining

Graphic Installation Projects

  • In House Graphics Installation
  • On Site Graphics Installation
  • On Vehicle Partial Graphics Installation
  • Graphics Removal From Window
  • Graphics Removal From Drywall
  • Test
  • Assignment
Intro To CNC Machining

Exam / Practicum

  • Final Exam Covering All Modules
  • Practicum / Observation

Graphic Installation Technician Virtual Classroom and On The Job Assignments

Weekly Virtual Classroom Sessions

Our E-Learning Instructor works with Trainees every week over Zoom to discuss the content covered in the e-learning, answer questions, and support the Trainees in their learning journey.

The e-learning instructor also discusses the Weekly Assignments as they offer practical hands on direction to learn about all elements of CNC machines.

Monthly Mentor Coach Virtual Sessions

Our Mentor Coaches monitor the progress of the participant and conduct assessments as part of the certification process.

They also support Trainers by answering questions and providing guidance on the program.

Technical Training Workshop

The Technical Training Effectiveness Workshop improves Technical Trainers effectiveness in managing employees via two 90 minute workshops.

Trainers find they are far more confident and get more out of employees after attending these workshops. Learn more >

 WBLC Certification

WBLC certifies Trainees after they have successfully passed the tests and exams in e-learning, demonstrated an understanding of topics to the e-learning Instructor, and demonstrated proficiency on the shop floor to the Trainer and  Mentor Coaches.

What Companies Are Saying About The Program

We are very excited about Graphics Installation Technician Program. There is a lot of potential for this from the sign industry’s perspective. Attracting, educating, and retaining talent is a strategic priority for our industry across the North American continent. I am excited how this program can make education more accessible to those in the more remote regions of Canada. And, it can play a huge equalizing role.

Karin Eaton
Sign Association of Canada

I am really excited about working with WBLC  on developing this program for our industry and look forward to seeing it being implemented in real life. I do think it will be very valuable  to each participation SAC member – as a way to differentiate our staff and their expertise – by proudly displaying their certification.

Carl Weger
Sleek Signs

We are truly looking forward to seeing the results from the WBLC Graphic Installation Technician program. There is a demand in the sign industry for competent skilled graphics installers. I believe this program will deliver these candidates to the industry.

Craig Gibbs
Fast Signs

Companies Already Participating In The Program

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