Canada’s advanced manufacturing industry is growing.  Employers in every region across the country are adding full-time, well-paid jobs month over month, and exports continue to increase for innovative, competitive Made in Canada goods.  But many Canadian advanced manufacturing companies are finding it hard to find and hire skilled people to meet their growing production schedules.  

That’s where we come in.  We are the Work Based Learning Consortium, and we’ve created a number of Work-Based Learning programs for entry- to mid-level skilled jobs to tackle this challenge head on.  

We are inviting advanced manufacturing companies like yours to participate in the Work-Based Learning programs – industry-led programs designed to find talented and hardworking job seekers and connect them with advanced manufacturing companies that are in need of entry- to mid-level skilled workers. Or you can nominate your own employees to join the program and upgrade their skills and knowledge.




  Plastics Molding


  Tool / Die / Mold