WBLC has developed Technical Training Effectiveness Workshop specifically designed for manufacturing & production trainers.

Program Goals

The program:

  • Drives business results with training that immediately improves technical training effectiveness.
  • Improves the capability of current staff, your on-the-job experts, to deliver effective technical training and coaching to new staff, or current team members who are up-skilling
  • Provides attendees with an easy-to-use framework for performing their training work.
  • Immediately improves the Technical Trainer’s productivity and increases their confidence to do the job so they can take on more responsibility.

We focus on the two most important aspects of a technical trainer’s role – a proven method of job instruction training and the skills required to support their trainees as they master their job tasks.

Program Elements

The Program includes modules covering:

  • How Adults Learn
  • Job instruction skills
  • Communication skills
  • Setting up for success
  • Diversity / biases
  • Providing feedback/feedforward.

Program Feedback

Previous attendees have shared:

  • The workshop and technical training framework gives them confidence in working with their trainees
  • The training was very supportive for us, it guided us how to train new staff
  • Hope to attend more training like this as it helped me with new ideas on how to tackle different situations