The Work Based Learning Consortium (WBLC) recently launched a comprehensive Mold Maintenance Training Program for mid career workers.

The program is funded by the Government of Canada through a generous grant from the the Future Skill Centre (FSC) to undertake the project “Skilled Jobs and Career Pathways for Mid-Career Workers through Work-Based Learning”.

The program provides a blended learning program for trainees including e-learning, online classroom discussions, in person classes, and on the job shop floor experience.

WBLC programs are unique in many aspects:

  • They are always industry-led based on actual requirements from employers. In this case, the Work-Based Learning (WBL) program is designed to find talented and hardworking mid-career job seekers, connect them with companies that are in need of Mold Maintenance Technicians to be hired, trained and certified – quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.
  • Our programs are based on industry approved competencies that are then translated into screening, and selection criteria, technical learning objectives and finally certification standards and criteria. WBLC is the only organization in Canada the uses competencies as the basis for all program decision making, thus ensuring reliable and valid outcomes.
  • Our programs have very visible and worthwhile outcome – a permanent job for the trainee. For the employer – a new employee with the potential for growth, that is able to be trained and assume complete job duties in very short learning periods. Over the past five years over 90% of our recommended and hired trainees complete their selection and learning program and are certified by WBLC.

WBLC is the preeminent organization supporting business and industry firms in meeting their needs for skilled employees. We design, develop, manage and promote Work-Based Learning programs for entry-level to mid-level skilled jobs that enable unskilled people to get hired, acquire industry-valued skills, achieve industry-recognized certification and pursue rewarding career pathways.

WBLC has trained and certified approximately 600 employees for Ontario’s advanced manufacturing sector. Currently WBLC is conducting two programs – Mold Maintenance Technician [level 1] Selection and Learning Program and our CNC Machinist [Level 1] Program. Both are active with their in-takes commencing in October and November.

Detailed information about other programs and services that WBLC is providing can be found at