Happy Holidays

Wishing all our partners, companies that work with us, and trainees a very happy 2021 holiday season.

CNC Machinist Level 1 Program – Hiring For Spring 2021 In The GTA!

The Work Based Learning Consortium is now recruiting candidates for its CNC Machinist [Level 1] Selection and Learning Program.

The start date is mid February 2021 in the Greater Toronto Area.

We encourage female candidates to apply. Candidates need to have basic experience in a manufacturing environment, but prior CNC experience is not required. Wages start at $20+.

To learn more about the program and how to apply, visit the Info For Job Seekers page.

WBLC Launches Blended MMT e-Learning Program

Eight excited and highly motivated trainees were onboarded to our first Blended e-Learning program in January to become Mold Maintenance Technicians.

Mold Maintenance Technician Program

The program offers interested candidates the opportunity to learn and improve their technical knowledge in the basic manufacturing and theorical Technical Learning Outcomes expected of a certified Mold Maintenance Technician [ Level 1], prior to being interviewed by an interested employer.

The learning duration is 2 to 3 months to complete the program. In addition to their individual work, trainers meet virtually with their e-Learning instructor on a weekly basis. The instructor is technically very experienced in both mold and machining as well as e-Learning instruction.  At specified times, trainees complete e-Learning tests and take certification exams.

Trainees can expect to work on their e-Learning modules for less than 1 hour per week at the beginning of the program. The time commitment expands to 2-3 hours per week after that. In addition, the e-Learning classroom instruction sessions take approximately one hour a week. Trainees can schedule their time to complete the e-Learning modules at their own convenience. The e-Learning classroom instruction session is conducted at a fixed time each week it is scheduled.

Benefits of the Program

The benefits for the trainees are:

  • they receive certification by WBLC, an industry developed and recognized program
  • the program increases their employability as Mold Maintenance Technicians
  • the program improves prospects in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Congratulations Harry Garoian – Mold Maintenance Technician

Harry Garoian is the first graduate to have completed the Mold Maintenance Technician [Level 1] Training Program.

The program helps job seekers learn in-demand skills, get paid on-the-job training, which leads to great stable jobs at Canadian advanced manufacturing companies.

Upon receiving his certificate, Harry said:

“I am delighted to have passed and been certified as a Mold Maintenance Technician [Level 1] by WBLC. As a mid-career worker, it is especially significant to my employer and myself that I successfully completed the program with distinction. I want to thank Peter Drews my Monitor/Coach for his advice and support. Thank you WBLC for the opportunity.”

MP Tool President, AIi Tontonchian said of the program:

“I think the program is good. It was developed specifically to help our industry and the trade in a very practical way. The next step is to build a base and expand it with the other local employers .”

Kim Thiara. President, AceTronic Industrial Controls INC. and Toronto Chapter Chair of CAMM, stated:

Having the opportunity to have had a small part in the creation of this program has been extremely gratifying.  As the Toronto Chapter Chair of CAMM, it is our commitment to ensure our industry continues to thrive and flourish well into the future.  The Mold Maintenance Technician Program is just one step closer to this goal. We are grateful to WBLC for seeing this come to fruition.

AIi Tontonchian (President, MP Tools President), Harry Garoian, and Blair Munro (Trianer, MP Tools)


WBLC has trained and certified approximately 600 employees for Ontario’s advanced manufacturing sector. Currently WBLC is conducting two programs – Mold Maintenance Technician [level 1] Selection and Learning Program and our CNC Machinist [Level 1] Program. Both are active with their in-takes commencing in October and November.

Detailed information about other programs and services that WBLC is providing can be found at  workbasedlearning.ca/programs

CNC Machinist Level 1 Program – Hiring For Fall 2020 In The GTA!

The Work Based Learning Consortium is now recruiting candidates for the CNC Machinist Learning Program – with a start date in early Fall 2020 in the Greater Toronto Area.

CNC Machinist Learning Program

The CNC Machinist learning program is an industry developed program to help talented and hard working people develop CNC Machinist [Level 1] skills while employed in a permanent full time job with an advanced manufacturing company.  The Fall 2020 intake has a focus on Women In CNC Machining.

Over 26 weeks, successful candidates will:

  • Participate in a one day orientation where they will meet their Coaches and tour a CNC facility.
  • Immediately start working full time at an employer where they will be given tasks every day on the job – and get paid!
  • Study a comprehensive multimedia e-learning program – developed to teach you the knowledge you require to become competent as a CNC Machinist [Level 1] and complete quizzes, tests, and exams that will measure your knowledge.
  • Complete e-learning driven shop floor assignments that reinforce learned concepts.
  • Participate in weekly online meetings with a CNC Instructor and the other trainees.
  • Attend a 3 day session in the CNC Training Shop where you will get practical hands-on experience on a CNC mill and CNC lathe.
  • Get regular guidance and coaching from Shop Floor Trainers.
  • Have access to a Coach who will help guide your journey as needed.
  • And finally, upon successful completion  – get certified as a CNC Machinist [Level 1].

CNC Machinist Learning Program Trainees

We are looking for women 18+ to apply to join our Fall 2020 cohort.

See the flyer below and learn more about the program at www.workbasedlearning.ca/cncmjobseekers to apply today!